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31 July, 2021 Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm Koel Complex

Kaithal came to existence as district of Haryana in 1989. Kaithal district is situated in the North- West of the state. Its North-West boundaries which include Guhla- Cheeka is attached to Punjab State. It has Kurukshetra in North. Kaithal is attached to Jind in South and to Karnal in East. Myths say that Kaithal was established by Lord Yudhistra during Mahabharta era. Hanuman, the head of Lord Rama’s ‘wanar Sena’ is supposed to born in Kaithal. The famous ‘Anjani Ka Tilla’ in the name of Hanuman’s mother is also situated in Kaithal the historical monuments as the cultural heritage reflect its ancient prosperity. Kaithal District possesses rich cultural and historical heritage and surrounded by seven ponds and eight gates. Kaithal has been a famous market of Uttar Pradesh since ancient times.

Kaithal is spread over 2317 Sq. K.m. Geographical area. Its total population according to census is 945631, 80.61% population reside in villages whereas 19.39% population reside in cities. There are 277 villages and 253 Punchayats in Kaithal districts. Kaithal district consists of two sub-divisions two tehsils namely Kaithal & Guhla & five sub-tehsils namely Pundri, Rajaund, Dhand, Kalayat and Siwan. The name of Kaithal, Pundri, Pharal, Siwan and Kalayat shows that the soil of Kaithal has been religious and cultural rich heritage.

Education is the process by which a society transmits its accumulated knowledge skills and values from one generation to another. Education must provide the means and opportunities to enhance the childs creative expression and the capacity for aesthetic appreciation. Education gives knowledge about the world around us. It makes children capable of interpreting things in the right perspective. 66 Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools in the Distt. Has been Provided EDUSAT/ROT facilities for children . 15 SIT is running smoothly from which 6 in B.E.O’s one in Distt. Education office ,one in DIET Office and 7 in Govt. Sr. Sec. Schools. A local firm has been tendered to repair/maintance of ROT/DTH.

By Bus

It is very easy to reach Kaithal by bus through Hissar, Chandigarh state highway. It has distance of 120 k.m. from state Capital Chandigarh, Guhla the subdivision of Kaithal is attached to Punjab boundary. It is very easy to reach any area of Punjab through this road by bus. It is directly attached to Delhi, the National capital by bus route 120 k.m. There is a direct bus service for Dubawali, Sirsa from here from which you can enter the Rajasthan boundary.

By Rail

Kaithal railway station is situated between Kurukshetra and Narwana
branch line of railway. It is very easy to reach Delhi very comfortably either from
Kurukshetra or Narwana.